Uni e verso


Uni e verso (1991)
(Uni verse)

unframed price

Limited edition 2 colour etching
(1 plate, 1 rolled colour)
aquatint, open bite, aqua-forte

A/P4 - artist proof - edition of 20

Paper: Somerset White Texture 300gsm

Print size: H 35 cm x W 28 cm
Paper size: H 47 cm x W 39 cm

Suggested framed dimensions:
H 55 x W 48 cm (min)

In 'Uni e verso' the design is built up freely, playing with the idea that there is an open space to fill.

In nature the void is continually filled and here, I imitate the natural rusting process to depict beauty in decay and to describe the wider universe that's contained within.

The play on words in the title refers to a notion that marks, like words, can be used to create your own story. In this case, the marks are hieroglyphic in feel.